A Quick OnePlus Nord 2 Review


The mid-budget smartphone market is a highly competitive space, teeming with excellent options from the likes of the Google Nexus 4 and the HTC One M8, but the newly released OnePlus Nord 2 really holds its own against them. With fantastic build quality and a host of advanced features – most notably a great dual-screen feature – it’s no surprise that the Nordic-based smartphone maker is rising above the rest. As an added bonus, it also packs in a wealth of software features, from email to weather forecasts, and a long list of user-friendly functions. Here we take a closer look at some of the key elements of the OnePlus 2.

The dual-screen feature of the OnePlus Nord 2 review sample is hands down one of the most useful extras that the smartphone has to offer. Smartphones have over the last few years adopted a single screen, with the display being the same across both the screens on the unit. This can lead to a problem when it comes to using one application on the primary screen and another on the secondary one – things such as text messaging and web browsing in general will become considerably more limited as a result. Thankfully, the OnePlus Nord 2 model features an approach to this problem which helps make it a lot easier to use. The handset allows you to run two different programs at the same time on the same screen, allowing you to carry out your work while multitasking.

An important feature of any smartphone these days is the refresh rate, which is how quickly the applications on offer are updated. Many of the best smartphones will allow you to refresh the page in the background without having to switch to a new app, which can seriously help you save on using the phone’s main menu every day. However, the lag which is present in many low-end smartphones means that the refresh rate isn’t quite high enough to ensure that you get a constant stream of new features and upgrades. The OnePlus Nord 2 however offers a refresh rate of over 50%, which means that you can quickly go from one screen to the next without any problems. OnePlus Nord 2

This also brings us to the image display settings on the handset. If you were to look at most phones, you would notice that they tend to limit the amount of information which can be displayed in the main display pane of the phone – by leaving just around 3 items the amount of information on the secondary display pane is drastically reduced. The OnePlus Nord 2 however allows you to enable a full array of images, which means that you can enjoy a number of different image formats on the phone at the same time.

The OxygenOS 2 does not sacrifice any of the user experience in order to deliver on this promise. One of the biggest complaints which users have with standard smartphones is the fact that they are big and bulky in nature. The Nexus S and iPhone are two of the biggest examples of this, meaning that it’s really easy for people to lose out on the usefulness of their phones simply because they are too large to comfortably fit in your pocket. The OxygenOS 2 on the other hand is easy to fit into your pocket thanks to its smaller design. Because it is running on a single custom ROM rather than the standard main ROM, this also means that there are more features available which makes it more appealing to a larger population of users.

One of the best features of the OnePlus Nord 2 review is its impressive power saving abilities. This is one of the most unique features which can be found in a mid-range smartphone. It is very difficult to find phones which are able to make phone calls whilst on battery life. However, the OxygenOS 2 is capable of making a very good call whilst on the battery – this is thanks to the various different power saving modes which it comes with. You can choose from normal, optimized and extreme, and even if you were to change this it would mean that your phone would still work perfectly fine.

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