Design Your Bedroom Like a Five Star Hotel Room

Just checked into a swanky hotel room and instantly all problems go flying out the window, the mellow tone and luxurious setting make us feel like a million bucks, but why can’t we get the same feeling every time we walk into our own bedroom?

Well now you can. Just concentrate on these four areas when decorating your room and you will be well on your way to having your very own five star bedroom!

1: Lighting
Decide what you enjoy about staying in a hotel room, is it soft lighting that helps you unwind? Is it bright lights that make you feel fresh? If you want to feel relaxed (most probably) in your bedroom, go for soft lights but plenty of so that not all your light is coming from one spot. 성남룸싸롱

2: Bed
This is probably the most important, and is probably the most expensive thing in a hotel room. Everyone is different so you need to find a bed that you really enjoy sleeping in and will continue to enjoy every night, after all a bed is not just for Christmas. With the current state of the market there are some renown bed makers dropping their prices down to the ground so if you look around you can probably snap up a bargain.

3: Aroma
We couldn’t emphasize this enough, when you walk through that hotel room what is the first thing you realize? You probably don’t even notice it but its most likely to be the aroma that hits your nose, Hotels spend a fortune to get rooms smelling fresh and new, some Hotels in Dubai apparently have their own unique aroma that help their customers feel relaxed. A regular clean, fresh air and some pot puree should do the trick.

4: Personalize
Personalize your room but don’t over do it! After all we still want it to feel like a new experience every time you walk through that door. Canvas art prints can be a great way of personalizing your room without overdoing it. Carefully selected furniture can really do the trick here because it will be endorsed by your personal taste. What you will notice with Hotel rooms is that they do not tend to clutter their rooms with too much furniture or art.


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