How to Get Lots of Backlinks With Link Baiting Ideas

If you are hear that means you are new to internet marketing and you need to learn how to get lots of backlinks to your website right? You have probably been asking why you have not been getting any traffic to your site and you were told that you need backlinks. So for all you newbies out their try using one of these link baiting ideas that can build backlinks fast. 구글광고대행

Now webmasters will say to create some type of link baiting tool. This is something that is useful to visitors and if they like it they will link to your page from their website, blog, forum, social media and more bringing backlinks to your backlinks and traffic. You have seen them all the time. It could be a domain name checker or a free banner creator or even a keyword finder tool. Those are just a few examples but you can find something handy for just about any niche you start.

Or you can create a very funny headline or controversial one. Make your first page get peoples attention to the degree that they just have to create a backlink to your site. Get them fired up. Hit them with a headline like “Why men are better drivers” or “Should a woman be president in the USA”. Then back it up with a few points. Have a comments section so that this will get the debate going. As others join in they will link back to your website so there visitors can get in on it as well.

Creating a list like “The Top 10 Cars On A Recall List” or “Top 5 Movies That Suck” can easily get people’s attention. If they find your list compelling enough webmasters will link back to that page so their friends and visitors can enjoy your opinion. Just create a list that is related to your niche and watch the backlinks role in.

Holding a contest is another way you can create link bait. People love to win things and if you are offering a nice prize visitors will be happy to link from their sites to yours.

See, to have great link baiting ideas you have to use your imagination. Once you select a niche then decide what will keep a persons interest. Your new website can be quite informative but if it is dull and boring people will just pass you by. Take a hard look at your site and ask yourself if I landed on this site would I bother to tell others about it? Would I give a backlink to this site? When you can answer yes to both questions you will then know how to get lots of backlinks with this strategy.

Link baiting is a great way to get a blog noticed and certain types of websites as well. It is not something that can work on all types of websites but if done correctly you will have people sending you lots of backlinks without even having to ask for them.



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